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Offline Russian runner  
#1 Posted : Tuesday, November 22, 2016 4:35:43 AM(UTC)
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Russian runner

Greetings, dear friends.

I 'm from Russia and I offer a method of increasing survivability, health and intellect. I use this method actively. I prettily understand that this pretentious praise sounds like a lie.
I'm sorry for my english and yandex-translater.

Method is strong –judging by myself, but I will not glorify. It is closer to the "health" section according to its effect, but way of getting effect...

Imagine a black ball=sphere about 5-7 cm diameter in front of self ..at a distance of 10-30 cm from the body. At a height approximately between the navel and the solar plexus. Pure black, filled the same inside. Need to... to give self to this black ball - this means your "I", all your consciousness, and everything what can be reached in the striving in the depth of self - all this.....is given to the black ball - which practicing man has created for himself directly in front of himrself.. separated from self, from "I" and given. - I know this sounds like some kind of satanism, like nonsense, but ... when I was very ill, I actively treated myself by this method. I didn't care how it's trash or nonsense - the main thing I understood from the mention of a reputable person in my life is that concentration on black color can help much to people.

For Effect need honest efforts. Really need to give self. To concentrate on giving. Yes, it's scary. But if you overcome fear, it will be a tangible effect - don't want to glorify.

Over the years of practice black ball I can't say that my soul or the ability to love - damage, or that i did not have soul or that ability- simply because it is not.

To adjust the location and size of the ball according to your feels and feelings - where it is felt more convenient, nicer. Perhaps, for someone will be more convenient to place the ball inside the body. Do not exaggerate the dimension of the ball - better effect at the optimum size.

During the mastering of the method I sometimes had an excessive arrogance - the mind does not have time to adapt to its growth.

Methods of normalization of psyche and worldview:

1) "I - illusion" - imagine all your "I"-illusion. all the consciousness. not existing in reality. "I just seem to myself being currently existing". It's scary - but if to overcome fear - there will be inspiration and new spiritual experience - the development of consciousness. Any negative effects from the "I - illusion" I have not revealed for long its practice. The only thing - there is a danger of very diligent practice of this method simultaneously with the driving a car or doing other things requiring alertness- if to practice only "I-illusion" very strongly.

2) ability is constructed not only by himself a practitioner, but also by his cooperation with God through the black ball.
Sometimes I remind myself that this is it - the black ball - keeps my mind strong and gives great abilities. And my role in it- is less than his. Maybe it is wrong, but arrogance weakens.

3) in the initial stages of development of the black ball- helped me method "if you have arrogance means something else is not given to black ball."

Variant for a big physical or mental stress: combine-unite a simple self-giving and abdication from self. I explain the meanings of the tricks: a simple giving - it is like from the inside out, from self to ball. And the abdication from self- is a purely and fully internal process in the basis of mind, happening includingly with the method "I - illusion".
This variant is possible only when the ball is close to the body or inside the body - I judge for myself. Physical activity for endurance, running is a great way to master the method, because given by ball endurance ..felt good on the run - judge for myself.

Maybe someone will be nicer or more efficient to create a ball or a column of white light instead of black - this is normal, natural. But as for me, white - much weaker heals, it is something else, to clear thoughts, possibly. To switch and work with the polar one color after another - not at once, after a break lasting a few minutes-about 7-8 - at least - the duration of the break should be determined by the feels from the brain and consciousness.

Better to learn it on the ground or near ground level- is somehow better, the feels. and the extra energy it easier to fold.
Knowing the method, you have to be careful not to succumb to provocations for mental attack by you - do not attack by your mind to someone. Do not to feel hatred- because of the increased consciousness the responsibility for the attacks will grow. Do not give in - even if you think that attack will be justful.. but may be i'm wrong. And If you leave without an answer - karma will take fully, the luck of agressor will flow to you.

If hard to practice the methods with a black ball, while in a close and dense encirclement of people- can damage their consciousnesses or their health by your aura or look. I'm in such cases- simply not zealous.

Method enhances my ability to be attentive. it is important while driving a car and other critical and complex processes.

I think, fluoridated water- is dangerious in big quantities. from water supply or bottles, where the title on label in the mineral composition is F or fluorides. or the words "Contains fluoride". - organism does not need fluoride in Such quantities.
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