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Online alternaloser  
#21 Posted : Thursday, December 15, 2016 11:10:40 AM(UTC)
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Originally Posted by: ronnyboy Go to Quoted Post

remember that one british toolbag that was friends with jace? i think he banged bearthejew or someting.

anyways, i used to piss that moron off so bad that he would threaten me with irl violence. He once said he was going to call MI5 on me and that he "knows people".

living out of your mom's basement helps you get connected with the right people/.

teach me how to dutty
Offline pootie  
#22 Posted : Wednesday, October 18, 2017 5:14:25 PM(UTC)
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Originally Posted by: ronnyboy Go to Quoted Post
Good morning progressives...

Since the election, we have been watching the establishment and mainstream media blame every single person or group they can in order to explain why crooked Hillary lost the election. What they never seem to do is blame Hillary and her shitty campaign. Here is a great report by TYT on the issue...


One thing I'd like to add to it that Cenk Uygur didn't, is that the democrat party and it's rich financiers would rather continue losing than ever really adopt a true progressive platform or run with a true progressive (like bernie). Bernie and his ideas, the ones that really matter at least (e.g. TAKING MONEY OUT OF POLITICS), threatens the establishment's status quo and the social elites' control of literally everything. For the corporate whore democrats, the hundreds of loyal, establishment servants, their financial security and careers are secured as long as they don't bite the hand that feeds them, even if they lose an election or two or ten. They fully know that the political pendulum swings back and forth and that if they don't win this time around, they will in the future, and during the interim, they can enjoy some cushy lobbyist position, paid for by the same big money interests that pull their strings. So for them a devastating loss to a person like trump isn't as bad as actually changing and becoming the party of the people, which is why the democrat party will NEVER change and will continue to make the same "mistakes" every single election cycle (spoiler alert: they aren't mistakes, they're calculated decisions, at the expense of millions of devout followers, of course).

So I'll conclude with this: FUCK the democrats. They will never serve the people they claim to care about. It's time to say it how it is.

Have a great day.

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#23 Posted : Wednesday, October 18, 2017 5:23:02 PM(UTC)
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