I have written an article about the horrors of the risk of being falsely accused of rape from a man's perspective, and with the fact that these things do happen, it’s quite horrific than an accusation can just come out of the blue toward men that have not done anything wrong.

For posting my blog article on TSR (  ), the postmodern neo-Marxist left-wing fascists instantly banned my account.

So the theme is not only looking at the counterside of rape, but also looking at the fact that in today’s cultural Marxist, fake-liberal world that believes in white privilege and gender binary privilege, and where anything against the victim oppressor narrative is not allowed (like white farmers being murdered in South Africa, the male suicide rate and Christians murdered by Muslim terrorists in Sri Lanka), any alternative opinions are not allowed by this cult, and immediately banned, and where possible the heretics are chased down and their lives ruined (while calling themselves liberal - which literally means free).

The point is we need rebellion. Here is the factual post that offends faux-"liberal" fascists so much: